Bernard M. Snyder
One Man Band

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photo: Andrey Pavlychev


My name is Bernard M. Snyder. I have been performing on streets and squares, on stages and in studios, in countless countries on every continent except Africa and Antarctica.

I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I have as a street performer, being able to decide myself when, where, and whether to set up and play.
Being a one man band gives me the possibility to improvise the arrangements of my songs spontaneously, and to jam with the crowd.

My main area of activity is the street.
I typically show up unannounced, wherever and whenever the circumstances seem to be favorable, pick a spot, choose a time, play my songs, and leave at the end of the day, disappearing back into the wild unknown.

As a festival organizer I am Artistic Director of 'Festival Internacional de Artistas de Rua da Bahia', which I initiated, and founded together with Selma Santos in 2002. More information at

photo:Vladimir Orlov

Here's the link to a video of my performance at the semi-finals of
"Ukraine's Got Talent" on May 17th 2014:

The Medley I presented is made up of four songs, two in Russian,
two in Ukrainian, all very well-known in the Ukraine.

I would also like to call your attention to a fabulous book written on
One Man Bands, 'Heads, Hands, and Feet' by Dave Harris. - all rights reserved.