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Videos of some of my performances:

Here's my performance at the semi-finals of
"Ukraine's Got Talent" on May 17th 2014:

The medley I presented is made up of four songs, all very well-known in the Ukraine:
"Nishno" by Tina Karol (i love this song)

"Popytka Nomer 5" by Via Gra (great girlie pop song)
"Pupsik" also by Tina Karol (not just a great voice, she also has a sense of humor)
"Odna Kalina" by Sofia Rotaru (something like the Ukraine's unofficial national anthem)

At the end of January 2014, I was invited to participate in
the castings of "Ukraine's Got Talent". The jury liked what i did, and I was
asked to return to Kiev for the semi-finals (see video above).
Here's the TV Channel's video of my performance at the casting:

In August of 2012 Ihad the chance to perform in Samara, Russia, at the
2nd international street theatre festival "Plastilinovy Doshd".
My guide, Stasya Yashina, filmed one of my performances, thank you, Stasya!
And countless thanks to the Samara audiences,
all the helpers, staff, fellow performers, and the organizers of this lovely festival!

Samara, August 2012 'ain't no sunshine'

In July 2012 I performed at 'La Ghironda' in Puglia, Italy.
My guide, Simona Caramia, filmed me while i was playing on stage.
I also got the sound recordings from the mixer (thank you, Tullio and Maurizio),
which I blended with the sound from the camera.
Otranto, July 2012 'Use Me'

Otranto, July 2012 'The Two of Us'

Otranto, July 2012 'Stray Cat Strut'

video production:

In 2012, I produced, directed, and edited the video for the song
'Marisqueira' of my Brazilian friends Grupo Barlavento.
We filmed for two days in April 2012, in Mutà, and in Salvador, Bahia.
Grupo Barlavento: 'Marisqueira''

In 2011, Tanga Elektra participated in our Festival de Rua in Bahia, Brazil.
One morning we went to the local bus station and the market, together with
Lilia Moema, the festival videographer, who filmed them.
Back in Berlin, I edited the material with the help of Andreas Radke:
Tanga Elektra: 'Não Falo Português'

More videos of my One Man Band:

In 2010 Iparticipated in the Barcelona Buskers Festival. My wife,
Tova Snyder(.com), joined me and filmed a few of my performances

Barcelona, August 2010 'My Girl'

Barcelona, August 2010 'First We Take Manhattan'

Barcelona, August 2010 'Mas Que Nada'

Salvador de Bahia 2003
0:38 min.
3,32 mb (.wmv)
Salvador de Bahia 2002
1:24 min
3,65mb (.wmv)

New York City 2001
0:41 min.
7,9 mb, 5,9 mb, 0,91mb,0,74mb

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